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Solar Power

How To Pick Solar Energy Companies

Solar panels convert the sunlight falling on them into electricity through the use of silicon or other chemical elements that have the property to do so. As long as the sun is shining electricity is constantly being generated. Once the sun has gone down, theĀ solar new york system will have to use energy that is stored in batteries.

Solar panels are expensive, but the cost is recovered within 5 years and all electricity produced after that is free. The panels are also maintenance free and require almost no other maintenance other than regular cleaning for being able to use this renewable resource of energy. How then do you decide on the best solar panels for your needs for producing electricity from the sun? Traditional solar panels are the photovoltaic type that uses silicon wafers mounted on aluminum frames. Technology has now developed thin-film panels that allow the same power to be produced with films that can be attached to any surface that is exposed to the sun. Thin-film panels can be installed directly on roof tiling and thus eliminates the need for a framework and support structures that traditional panels would require.

Solar cells in the panels can be made of different semiconductor material each of which has its own efficiency. Efficiencies can vary from a low of 5 percent to a high of 20 percent. The higher the efficiencies, the greater is the purity of the chemical elements used, and this does have an effect on the cost. The best panels for you are those that are reasonably priced, are easily available and can produce the electricity you require using the sun-exposed area that you have. It is also a fact that the direction of the sun has an effect on electricity production and the efficiency is highest when the panel receives the sunlight at right angles to its surface.

Solar panels come in modules and the one that is best for you is the one that gives you the maximum power. Panels normally come in sizes of approx 3 feet by 5 feet and will have 60 or more silicon wafers installed in each of them. All these individual cells are interconnected and lead down to the storage or inverter that is used to draw the resulting electrical energy from the sun. It is important to choose the right mounting system to take advantage of the panels you have chosen, as these panels will constantly be exposed to the heat from the sun and any effects of wind and other weather conditions. You may have the best panels chosen, but if they are not adequately mounted, they may just get blown off and be of no further use to you. Panels must also be chosen to be compatible with all the other elements of the system, like the wiring, the inverters, and batteries, if installed.

Solar panels must have a warranty, and periods of 25 years or not unknown, as the life expectancy of a solar panel is considered to be over thirty years.